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KEYNOTE Experience Design is the New Imperative 

Presented by Russ Klein

KEYNOTE The State of Branded Currency 

Presented by Kristen Thiry and Holly Glowaty

Flourish in 5: Innovation Showcase - Savvy

Presented by Eoin Whyte

Flourish in 5: Innovation Showcase - Marketing Innovators

Presented by Richard Blabolil

Flourish in 5: Innovation Showcase - Swych

Presented by Deepak Jain

Flourish in 5: Innovation Showcase - NGC

Presented by Eric Thiegs

Flourish in 5: Innovation Showcase - Spryngboard

Presented by Brenda Gilpatrick

Improving B2B Programs: Feedback from the Front Line

Presented by Deborah Merkin and Allan Schweyer

Sub Co x Branded Currency: The New Math

Presented by Mitch Brody, Wayne Weber, Lindsay Gale, Jeff Mickeal, and Scott Silver

How MGM Hotels and the MLB are Delighting Customers and Growing their Business Powered by Branded Currency

Presented by Mo Chaar and Laura Velasco

How to Get C-Suite Buy-in

Presented by Kathryn Russell and Trevor Monroe

Calling All Marketer: Don't Forget Your Existing Customers

Presented by Diane Walker

The Branded Currency Revolution

Presented by Chris Jensen

1+1=3 Delivering the Ideal Customer Experience is More than the Sum of Its Parts

Presented by Matias Marquez

Uncovering your ROI: How to express why gift cards matter to other stakeholders within your organisation

Presented by Aron Alexander

3 Actionable Trends to Inspire Stronger Branded Currency Performance

Presented by Brenda Gilpatrick

KEYNOTE Future Of Currency And Your Brand

Presented by Lauren DeLisa Coleman

The “Age” of Engagement: Generational Impact on Brands, Payments and Consumer Sentiment

Presented by Theresa McEndree and Stephanie Friedman

The State of Branded Currency in UK and EU

Presented by Gail Cohen and Brian Dunne

Innovation in B2B Incentives: The Art of Delighting Your Customers

Presented by Cindy Mielke and Nat Salvione

Engaged Customers: The Third Party Promotion Experience

Presented by Steven Bradbery and Shawna Nichol

The Power of Working Together: Gift Card and Affiliate

Presented by Jim Atten

Fighting Fraud: Stopping Promotional and Bulk Gift Card Abuse

Presented by Rebekka Rea, Lesa Hernandez, Teresa Ferraro-Gosse, and Julie Von Rohr

Is it Worth it? Proving the Value of Your Branded Currency Program

Presented by Francesca Vanderwall

What Cashless Means for Your Business

Presented by Tyler Forbes, Nancy Brooks, and Collin Canright

How to leverage transparency within third party programs to drive new revenue

Presented by Aron Alexander

New Use Cases for Blockchain within Branded Currency

Presented by Alexandra Prodromos, Eric Grill, Deepak Jain, and Sal Khan

Tales from a Digital Nomad: Embracing Experiences with Branded Currency

Presented by Todd Tomlin

The Politics of Prepaid

Presented by Marci LaRouech, Eoin Whyte, Brian Dunne, and Suhuyini Abudulai

Game Changing Uses for Branded Currency: POS Financing

Presented by Yaacov Martin

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