How to access the virtual sessions

We recommend you join the session 15-30 minutes early, just in case it takes an extra few minutes to adjust your settings, etc.

  1. Go to and select "Register / Login"

  2. Enter your email address (the same address you registered for the conference with)

  3. Enter password:  flourish2020

  4. Click "Yes" when you see the pop-up question “Are you logging in to join the Flourish Virtual Conference Sessions webinar"​​

  5. On the next screen it will ask you to enter the room as a Guest or Registered User; select "Guest" and enter your first and last name.

  6. If you already have Adobe Connect downloaded on your computer, click "Open Adobe Connect" on the pop-up

    • Adobe Connect will launch automatically and you will be ready to Flourish Virtually!

  7. If you do not have Adobe Connect, select "Download Adobe Connect Application"

    • Complete the download and install process

    • Once the download and install process is complete, click the back arrow on your browser

    • Select "Open Adobe Connect" on the pop-up

    • Adobe Connect will launch automatically and you will be ready to Flourish Virtually!

View the how-to video:

Wait a few moments, and you'll be in!

Things to know:

  • You'll be using your computer's VOIP audio.  There is no telephone dial-in.

  • All attendee microphones are automatically muted.

  • Use the chat pod to participate in discussions.

  • If you need personal help or have off-topic comments during the session, send the hosts a Private you don't distract others. 

  • Here's how to send Private chat.

  • We are recording all the virtual sessions for you.  If you can't attend or get in, the recordings will be available shortly.

Note: While the AdobeConnect session launches you will see the question below. If your answer is "Yes" (the session did not open), follow the instructions. If you need help, call Adobe Support at 1-800-42-ADOBE Don't worry that you'll have to hold a long time. You won't. It will only take a few seconds for a tech to join your call. When they ask, provide this meeting URL:

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About Flourish and K+H Connection

The Flourish Conference is a conference focused on promoting gift card strategy and more. Flourish is produced by K+H Connection, a leading boutique gift card consulting firm supporting specialty, ecommerce, and premium merchants who are ready to see their brands grow utilizing the power of branded currency.  Learn more about K+H Connection.

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