Free resources to start growing your gift card, loyalty, and branded currency program

How Gift Cards Help Growing Ecommerce Brands

Download your free 10+ page guide to understand the hidden benefits gift cards offer ecommerce retailers and how to start making the most of this offering. 

7 Myths About

Loyalty Programs

In this free PDF you'll learn the most common misconceptions about loyalty programs and the facts that can help your loyalty program grow.

The Definitive Guide

to B2B Gift Card Sales

Are you confused about where to start with setting up your brand for B2B sales? Download our free guide to learn the basics and increase program performance.

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About Flourish and K+H Connection

The Flourish Conference is a conference focused on promoting gift card strategy and more. Flourish is produced by K+H Connection, a leading boutique gift card consulting firm supporting specialty, ecommerce, and premium merchants who are ready to see their brands grow utilizing the power of branded currency.  Learn more about K+H Connection.

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