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Letter to Attend
for Merchant Brands

Dear [inset name],

Did you know that tools like promotional codes, loyalty programs, and gift cards are some of the most under-utilized resources available to brands like us that can greatly improve customer acquisition and retention? These tools can help retailers create memorable customer experiences and drive sales in all new ways. In fact, there’s such a surge of innovation and growth happening that retailers no longer view these as stand alone programs, but one strong capability called branded currency.  Additionally, branded currency programs have so much power that there is a three day conference dedicated to growing helping retailers learn how to make the most of them.

I would like your approval to attend Flourish: The Future of Branded Currency 2020 in Chicago, IL from March 16-18. This event is focused on helping both major retailers and emerging brands understand how to capitalize on already existing programs such as gift card and loyalty, as well as gain new insights about technology, best practices, and industry innovations. 


Flourish will have over 40 unique breakout sessions that will teach me actionable skills to return and start utilizing our current branded currency offerings to support current business initiatives as well as how to grow our program to support the brand’s long-term strategy. With over 400 attendees, Flourish is the perfect opportunity to connect with and learn from both peers and industry leaders on an individual level. 


When I get back from Flourish I will share key takeaways and insights with the team, including action steps that we can take immediately. Additionally, as an attendee, I will also have access to all of the recorded sessions and presentations that I can share with the team. 


I’ve broken down the approximate cost of attendance below:

Airfare/Travel: [amount] 

Hotel: [$219/night] 

Event registration: $599 (exclusive retailer rate) 

TOTAL: [amount] 


In addition to providing an exclusive rate for retailers, Flourish offers a significant discount for onsite lodging as well. 


In summary, attending Flourish will give me the opportunity to:

  • Learn from the experts

  • View our gift card and loyalty program in a new way

  • Connect with retail, hospitality, incentive, and loyalty industry leaders

  • Understand the full opportunities gift card, loyalty, and branded currency programs offer

  • Return to work with a fast-action plan to implement my learnings


You can learn more about The Flourish Conference at


Thanks for taking the time to consider this request, and I look forward to talking to you more about how we can make the most of our branded currency offerings. 



[inset name] 

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