Become a Speaker

Flourish 2020 will feature speakers from established organizations, leading-edge startups, and influential merchants. The 2020 agenda will showcase the future of branded currency including the most important technologies, trends and case studies.


Please note a few guidelines:

  • We welcome applications from retailers and brands as well as from solution providers.

  • All speakers must submit a speaker request. This does not require a pre-call to discuss potential topics, that will happen in the next step. This is your chance to tell us what topics you are interested in discussing. This also does not mean the topic you suggest is final; we will have an opportunity to discuss your proposed topic and how it could fit into the agenda or any other topics that may be a better fit.

  • Once your speaker request is submitted, we will schedule a call to discuss.

  • Once your speaker request is approved, you will be required to complete your speaker profile and other information about your session.

  • Compliance with speaker deadlines is imperative to maintaining your speaking position. Missed deadlines may result in the forfeiture of your session.


Click the link below to apply to speak at Flourish 2020. We recommend submitting speaking requests as early as possible since we make decisions on a rolling basis. Within the next few weeks, applicants will receive a response from us indicating whether the submission was accepted or declined.


Important Deadlines

  • January 15: Speaker profiles must be completed

  • January 15: Session titles and descriptions must be finalized

  • February 26: Final presentations must be uploaded


Session Details

All sessions will be dual-track except for the Flourish-in-5 sessions. Sessions are 25 or 40 minutes long including 5-10 minutes of Q&A. The longer sessions are reserved for panel discussions and/or multi-speaker sessions. We welcome your unique ideas for session content and format and aim to make your session standing-room-only!

Some suggested session topics include:

  • Physical gift card production, trends, and forecast

  • Digital gift card strategy and trends and forecast

  • In-store gift card merchandising strategy

  • B2B trends and forecast

  • Loyalty program trends, technology, and forecast

  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency 

  • SMB gift card strategy

  • Gift card and loyalty program basics

  • Ecommerce trends, strategy, and forecast

  • Fraud trends and forecast

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About Flourish and K+H Connection

The Flourish Conference is a conference focused on promoting gift card strategy and more. Flourish is produced by K+H Connection, a leading boutique gift card consulting firm supporting specialty, ecommerce, and premium merchants who are ready to see their brands grow utilizing the power of branded currency.  Learn more about K+H Connection.

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