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Acknowledging the demands of FY2021 for everyone in the retail gift card ecosystem, Flourish delivered the most timely Flourish 2020 sessions to you through interactive digital webinars with industry experts and panels, along with virtual meetings and novel networking opportunities. The Flourish Conference is excited to offer all registered conference attendees as well as all who register for the next Flourish Conference exclusive access to an all-new virtual conference with new and timely content. The live sessions took place on March 16 and 17, 2020 and session recordings will be made available shortly.


These special virtual opportunities are open to anyone registered to attend the next Flourish Conference (dates TBD).

Flourish Virtually FAQs

  • Can I register for the digital content only?

    • At this time the digital content is only for individuals registered for the next Flourish Conference. If you have not yet registered, email hello@flourishcon.com

  • Will the sessions be recorded and available on-demand?

    • Yes, all sessions will be recorded and made available to all Flourish Conference registrants. 

  • Is there an additional fee?

    • Access to the Flourish Digital Conference is included in all Flourish Conference registrations.


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About Flourish and K+H Connection

The Flourish Conference is a conference focused on promoting gift card strategy and more. Flourish is produced by K+H Connection, a leading boutique gift card consulting firm supporting specialty, ecommerce, and premium merchants who are ready to see their brands grow utilizing the power of branded currency.  Learn more about K+H Connection.

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